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Benefits for schools

Mentors and staff identify a positive impact on mentors’ confidence

Upon completion of the MVP Programme, pupils and staff identified an improved ethos within the school and a reduction of barriers between older and younger pupils. Mentors and staff identify a positive impact on mentors’ confidence and the enhancement of a range of skills such as leadership, teamwork and presentation skills.

There was a significant increase in the number of staff who felt they now have the necessary skills to educate others about gender-based violence and a rise in the number of staff who thought they would challenge gender-based violence.

“(Our) school has ‘’Leadership’’ in its name, and this programme and what you have done has done exactly that. It’s been remarkable, I’d like to thank [school development officer] for the time and care he’s shown to us as a group of people, and I think that’s what changes the world. It makes me a funny type of pride because it’s pride with a sense of action, the world is in a funny place at the moment, but it’s about change, I’m not quite sure I’ve seen any projects like MVP in 30 years of teaching, it’s amazing.”

Headteacher, Merseyside


Said they would recommend the MVP programme to other schools


Agreed the training prepared them to support mentors to deliver MVP to mentees

The young people who have attended the MVP programme have grown in confidence. The conversations that they have are more engaging and some of them are learning the scripts by heart and blossoming.
And then you see the little year sevens and they look up to them, they're aspired by them, and they're actually really engaged in every topical conversation that they have, so it's really quite empowering to see.

Teaching Staff, North Liverpool Academy

Benefits for mentors

Young people gain confidence and leadership skills, teaching fellow
students about the roles they can all play in preventing violence.

“MVP teaches you life skills on mental health and violence. It enlightens you on the effects that cause and prevent violence. For example, gender lenses, victim blaming, bystanding, abuse, violence and leadership.
MVP stands for Mentors in Violence Prevention, and we have learned how to show these skills during our learning. Overall, we are confident in showing people what leads up to violent actions and what changes we can make to stop them. We are Mentors in Violence Prevention.”

Pupil, Liverpool


felt it is their responsibility to intervene when they notice a problematic situation,
compared to 61% before attending the programme


of respondents agreed that even when I’m not involved and it’s not about me, I can make a difference in helping to prevent violence
compared to 84% before MVP attendance.

Benefits for mentees

Young people are able to identify ways in which they can play a role in preventing violence.

When mentees were asked which parts of the programme they enjoyed or thought worked well, mentees reported enjoying the content of the programme, including learning about different types of violence and the bystander approach, and the mode of delivery such as the interactive group activities.

Several mentees also commented on how well they got on with the mentors and how confident and knowledgeable they were, which made them feel confident in turn about speaking up.


I enjoyed speaking to other students because they don’t judge our opinions and understood if we had different opinions.

Mentee, Merseyside


would recommend it to other young people

I think what really worked well was doing activities that got us moving because it was fun and got the message across.

Mentee, Merseyside