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How does MVP work?

The Mentors in Violence Prevention programme (MVP) recognises the role of relationships in achieving its objectives; it aims to raise awareness of a range of important issues that are impacting on communities.

By providing opportunities to discuss a range of behaviours and attitudes within the context of health and emotional wellbeing, the programme equips young people with the skills to recognise the differences between what are appropriate and acceptable behaviours and what are not, adopting strategies that enable them to safely challenge inappropriate behaviours.


Implementation Timeline

1. Teacher Training

During the MVP Mentor Support Team Professional learning Programme, staff will:  

  • Be introduced to the MVP model and key activities used;  
  • Explore the Five Core Components of the MVP programme;  
  • Discuss the issues discussed within MVP;  
  • Be given the opportunity to deliver course content;

To support participants to plan for implementation and develop initial action plans which will support the delivery of the programme within the school and wider learning community.  

2. Awareness Raising for Staff and Children/Young People Including Assemblies

Staff will then raise awareness and promote the programme throughout the school

3. Mentor Recruitment

A mentor recruitment programme will look for a team that reflects the diverse pupil population of the school​.

Mentors will be expected to:

  • Attend a two-day training.
  • Work in groups preparing and practising your lessons.
  • Deliver 5 lessons in the year to younger pupils.
  • Work with your staff mentor support team deciding on scenarios to deliver and offering support to younger pupils if needed.
  • An opportunity to work with others in your year group.

4. Mentor Refresher Sessions

Following the mentor training, mentors are then supporting through the planning of the sessions they will be delivering. This support focuses on confidence building, facilitation skills, going through the sessions to ensure they feel ready to deliver to mentees.

5. MVP Session Delivery to Mentees

Mentors will deliver core sessions 1 and 2, along with the additional session decided from the surveys to the mentees (lower pupils) in the school. This is the heart of MVP.

6. Programme Evaluation

Working with Liverpool John Moors University ongoing evaluation takes place, reviewing any changes taken place since MVP delivery, how has it impacted and how can this be developed further into the school’s ethos.


Download the MVP Lead Commitments here

Delivering mentor sessions