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Benefits for mentees

“(MVP) helped me realise that I have a responsibility to tell someone if I witness or I am told about something concerning”

“It’s made me realise that I have a bigger part to play in society than I thought”

“Opened my eyes to what others go through and how they could use help in certain situations” “MVP has equipped me with the skills and confidence to help others to feel included” “It has helped me recognise ways in which I can involve myself in the prevention of violence without putting myself in an uncomfortable or unsafe position” helping others if they are in distress of some sort and helping them whether they are a friend or not”

“It has shown me how many options I have as a bystander and how to help a situation rather than make it worse”

88%of mentees felt MVP had helped to develop their understanding of the ways in which they could help if they saw bullying or abusive behaviour.

68%of mentees felt that MVP had helped them to recognise healthy and unhealthy behaviours within their relationships

71%of mentees agreed that MVP had helped them to recognise the role they play in ensuring others are safe and included: